The Unexpected Costs When Buying a Home

A house is one of life's biggest purchases. It's much more than just signing papers and paying the mortgage in a timely manner... There are some costs that can easily get over-looked in the whirlwind of home buying. Even with all the best guidance from your trusted...

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Money Matters – 4 Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender

What Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender? Your mortgage lender can be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to financing and closing a deal on your new Port Alberni home. These are the people who are intimate with the processes happening behind the scenes to get all...

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Are You Financially Ready to Buy A Home in Port Alberni?

Of course we would love it if more people relocated to the beautiful town of Port Alberni in the heart of Vancouver Island to experience the amazing majesty of life on the island, but to make the transition to living the spectacular island life, plenty of financial...

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8 Packing Tips – Moving Day Made Simple

When it comes time for you to start packing up your house in preparation to move, how you pack your things can either help make the move go smoothly or can make you fantasize about burning all of your belongings and moving into a tiny house instead... We want to help...

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How to Deal with Home Inspection Issues with Ease

Let's be frank about the realities of selling a home in Port Alberni; a home inspection is common practice in home sales, and any honest home inspector will likely find some existing issue or another with your home. This is normal. No home is perfect, so that is not...

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